I am a sculptor and a surgeon, even when I draw.



I aim to better know the archaic language,
and to pursue and submit myself to the rules
that were laid down with the first great
work of humankind.



To make a thing where you feel that wisdom
in your gut, and that you care to revisit.



Some original items may be available for sale. Please email for availability.


2 dimensional works are usually available as high quality archival
prints on rag paper, using only pigment inks for color and carbon inks
for black and white.


Purchase of original items or prints does not include publishing rights
unless they are specifically negotiated.


Providence, Rhode Island



February 18, 1948
Detroit, Michigan



Sculpture, 1971

Rhode Island School of Design



Editorial Illustrator,

1980s - 2000s



RISD, UMASS@Dartmouth

1980s - 1990s

Illustration, 2D Design, Sculpture



2000s - Present
(and a bunch before)

All images are copyright © Fritz Dumville 1980-2016